Creating chatbots, now easy as writing.

Give space to meaningful conversations.
Have more time being human.

Botmatic is not just another bot building platform.

We think a great chatbot is a seamless conversation. While all platforms out there turned into a boxes-and-arrows nightmare, we created a unique editor where writing is all it takes to craft a perfect chatbot experience. 

Botmatic is powerful. Built for scale. And comes with advanced marketing features necessary to your success. NLP Powered. User Targeting. Marketing Workflows. Automation at core. Growth metrics. You have everything at hand.

Botmatic is so user-friendly, enjoyable and smart — you'll write your bot like a Medium post and manage it like a Mailchimp campaign.

Powerful & Productive

If you ever used another bot building platform, you know how painful it is to use your mouse for almost every interactions.

Botmatic is a keyboard first experience where you design your chatbot by writing a conversation. 

Intents from your users, Answers from the bot, Actions like API calls or Conditional statements. Throw your most complex scenarios, we'll handle it.

Blazing-fast keyboard shortcuts and automation built-in.

Understand your users

on any messaging apps

Conversations between users and bots are mostly in free-form. So being able to understand the language naturally and contextually is key. It's also an amazing growth advantage.

By supporting free-form in addition to specific platform UI elements, you can quickly deploy to dozen of messaging apps in a matter of minutes. 

Our Natural Language Processor give you intents detection, sentiment analysis, entities and multilingual support for free. It even provides sentence suggestions for training your chatbot faster.

Built for scale

We've built our platform with scalability in mind from day one. After many thoughtful benchmarks, we choose Elixir. A functional language that leverages the Erlang VM. 

Erlang is the technology used by WhatsApp. With about 50 engineers, they backed up 900 millions of users in 2015. This is the efficiency we're looking to achieve.

For supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and companies

The right message at the right time

Start timely conversations based on your user characteristics.

Send targeted emails, SMS,  start conversations over messaging apps and more to build a long lasting relationship with your users.

Botmatic makes it simple. You define razor sharp segments from your users' data. You create multi-step campaigns that trigger automatically over time and you get better by learning from the metrics.

Get early access.

  • 2 000 contacts
  • 10 000 emails
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited messaging apps
  • 3 requests per second

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